[VIDEO] Police Find Two Brothers Dead on Front Lawn After They Tried Breaking Into Suburban Gun Owner’s Home at 10am

While Democrats like Governor J. B. Pritzker of Chicago refuse to do anything about the violence plaguing their cities, it appears citizens are now taking a stand against crime as two men were reportedly shot and killed after breaking into a home. Happening on Tuesday morning, the two suspects were not only accomplices – but they were also brothers.

The burglary happened at 10 a.m. Tuesday when the brothers, Christian Tenorio (36) and Jimy Tenorio (34) of Waukegan decided to break into a suburban home. What they didn’t expect were people being inside. A woman, who rents the upstairs home, was babysitting at the time of the break-in and quickly screamed for help, trying to fight off the brothers. She recalled being scared as one of the brothers was brandishing a firearm.

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Luckily, a man, who rents a downstairs room, heard the commotion upstairs and went to investigate, but not before grabbing his own firearm. What happened next according to police was a classic gunfight as the man opened fire on the brother with the weapon. The brother fell to the ground, dead, as the other brother started to drag him out the door. During the intermission, the man told police he returned to his room, grabbed his assault rifle, and returned upstairs where another gunfight ensued.

Police were informed of shots fired at the residence and sent officers. What they found were the two brothers lying in the front yard – both dead.

According to Police Commander Joe Florip, he was stunned by the recent series of events. He told WGN-TV, “I can’t remember the last time where we had two people try to break into a home, if that’s what this ends up to be, where they’re shot and found in the front yard. This is a very isolated and specific incident, and I don’t recall ever having anything like this.”

As for the renters in the home, neither were injured during the fight and both had valid Firearm Owner Identification Cards. While the Waukegan Criminal Investigations Division continues to interview witnesses and gather evidence, no charges have been filed against the renters.

You can watch the video below:

As crime soars in liberal-run cities and states, the criminals are getting bolder, but so are the homeowners.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 27, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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