[VIDEO] Police Officer Brilliantly Sets This Entitled BLM Protester Straight for Illegally Occupying the Freeway

These Black Lives Matter protesters have pushed law enforcement to their breaking point.

At the beginning of these protests/riots, police took a much softer approach at the behest of many liberal mayors, but it seems the tide is turning and officers are starting to bring back some much-needed law and order.

This video shows police officers not taking one ounce of lawless behavior from BLM protesters on a freeway in Seattle.

One of the demonstrators gets in the face of an office and yells that she has the right to be on the freeway protesting stating “This is Seattle.”

The cop corrects this entitled baby, by correctly stating that no, this is not Seattle, it’s the freeway and falls under a completely different jurisdiction.

What a moron.

Watch the video:

Twitter users are also enjoying seeing our nations law enforcement stand up to these radical protesters:

“Law and order returning. I am ready for it.”

“Finally! WA residents have been waiting for the State Patrol to do this!”

“I love Washington’s State Patrol. Bless her heart thinking freeway is under city jurisdiction”

“this is good….law and order”

Seriously, these people are just as clueless about laws as the twisted cause their following.

BLM really needs to have a come to Jesus moment.

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