[VIDEO] Portland Cops Look On Bewildered As Antifa Rioter Lights His Feet on Fire After Hurling a Molotov Cocktail 

Holy cow folks, I opened my Mac this morning and had no idea I’d literally be doubled-over in hysterics so early in the day. I was laughing so darn hard at these videos, I had to compose myself just so I could get them to you!

Okay, so we’ll start with what’s “not funny.” Last night Portland erupted in mass rioting chaos, with Antifa and BLM forces attacking police officers with rocks, Molotov Cocktails, and fireworks.

What these police officers have to deal with is outrageous, not to mention dangerous. God Bless them.

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So, when you see one of these commies get snared by his own trap, you gotta love it – and even better when the police have a front-row seat to the clown show and stand there watching these fools screw up royally.

That’s exactly what happened last night in Portland.

An Antifa communist was trying to set off a Molotov Cocktail when he accidentally set his feet on fire – and what happened next was pretty hilarious, as police looked on bewildered, as this lunatic ran around and danced spastically, trying to put the fire out.

Of course, the good people of MAGA helped this young man out, by adding some great music and effects to the clip – you know, to really jazz things up a bit…and I found a bunch of these videos for you to enjoy!

You can watch the videos below:

I hope you enjoyed these clips as much as I did.

Have a safe holiday weekend, and make sure you stay safe near that BBQ!



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