[VIDEO] Portland Police Form a "Line" And Physically Run Full-Force Into Rioters, Knocking them Down and Arresting Them

After 100 days of nonstop rioting, the Portland police have had just about enough.

They’re now forming these “lines” of cops that just take off and start running full-force into the crowd of rioters and anyone they “grab” gets arrested.

Sadly, we know that the Portland liberal DA is just allowing these people back out on the streets.

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But what’s happening now, is that Trump admin is “deputizing” sheriffs as federal agents, so they can bypass state officials and start charging these folks with federal crimes.

From what we gather, the cops in the video below may be “deputized” forces at work.

Newsmax’s John Cardillo tweeted: “Those are Oregon State Troopers, not Portland Police Bureau”

You can watch the video below:

Either way, Trump is doing a good job allowing America to see for themselves what lawless ghouls Democrats are, while still offering federal help, and working hard to keep these communists off the streets.


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