[VIDEO] President Trump Predicted Yet Another "Biden Catastrophe" Perfectly

If there’s one thing about Trump, he’s on the money about almost everything he’s predicted.

And this prediction he made about Biden and the media is no exception.


As we’ve all seen, Biden’s interactions with our press have been nothing short of humiliating.

Sadly, he’s often slurring, confused, and appears generally “unwell.”  Not to mention, at this point, he’s just outright refusing to even speak with the press.

It’s been about 50 or so days since Biden has held a press conference and everyone is getting antsy — even the lapdogs in the liberal press.

But this shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone – this is precisely what President Trump predicted long before Biden’s so-called “presidency” came to “be.”

Check it out:

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Well, that prediction couldn’t have been more spot-on if it tired, right?

It’s becoming more and more clear to everyone that Biden is not fit to be in office.

After all, if you can’t answer a question from the press, then what’s the point?

It appears to be just a matter of time until Kamala takes over.

Steve Bannon is now warning it’s just around the corner:

From Big League Politics

Former Trump White House advisor and Breitbart editor warned of a pending transition to Kamala Harris as President last week, pointing to the neoliberal corporatist’s high profile within the Biden administration and Biden’s seemingly worsening cognitive decline.

Bannon made the prediction of an upcoming Harris presidency in an episode of his War Room show last week.

Harris’ candidacy was wholly rejected by Democrat primary voters in 2020, and the neoliberal corporatist was placed onto the Democratic ticket at the behest of influential oligarchs within the party. Shoehorning Harris in as President would allow Democrat elites to ignore promises related to policy concerns of everyday Americans, instead touting Harris’ identity checklist features while ramming through an establishment agenda.

“This has to be put on the table. This is going to happen. How do you transfer power to Kamala Harris, and quite frankly, how is the fix in on this in the first place?”



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