[VIDEO] Rashida Tlaib Has Nervous Breakdown on House Floor....Crying So Hard She Can't Speak

I realize that the consensus around here is that the melee at the Capitol was the worst thing to ever happen since 9-11, but I’m not buying into it.


This may offend some people, but I don’t think it was a big deal, and I’m not going to pretend that it was.

The worst thing that happened that day – and what does break my heart – was that a vet was shot and killed for no apparent reason.

Other than that (and anyone else who was hurt or died from unrelated illnesses) I just can’t get worked up over this. From what I saw on the videos, many people were invited in by cops, and others broke some windows and got into shoving matches with cops (some were Dems), while others took harmless selfies with cops.

Sorry, I just can’t get torn up over some idiot pooping on Chuck Schumer’s desk…not after watching three months of arson, bullying, intimidation, injuries, and 20+ deaths from Dem-sponsored BLM/Antifa riots and all the while being told by politicians and the media: “People are just frustrated.”

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Yes, people are frustrated. On both sides.

A large swath of this country believes that their voice and their vote was stolen. They feel like their politicians don’t represent them. They have contempt for their elitist smug government, and they’re sick of being locked down and forced to comply with mask mandates that keep changing – one mask, two, maks, three masks.

Just shut up, already.


But even still, we’re forced to go along with this massive theatrical political show being put on by the Dems and the GOP establishment, who are acting as if they’ve got a raging case of PTSD from January 6th.

Here’s the truth:

Americans are dying a slow and depressing death. Suicides are up. Opioid abuse is up. Crime is soaring. Kids are withering away. People have lost jobs, livelihoods, family businesses – yet, we’re supposed to feel sorry for a bunch of spoiled, rich, powerful politicians who felt scared while being locked in a bathroom for an hour, six minutes away from the “uproar?”

I’m not doing it. Sorry.

Just look at the absurd and embarrassing spectacle that happened on the House floor last night.

Dems and GOP establishment turned the House floor into a therapy session for privileged a-holes, as they bawled their eyes out while sharing their “tragic stories” from January 6th.

Give me a damn break…

It was so absurd  – radical communist Rashida Tlaib couldn’t even speak…she was blubbering so hard that you literally couldn’t understand what the hell she was saying.

Liberals love this stuff though – they just can’t get enough of “feelings” and “theatrics.”


And liberals like this guy below are sharing the bawling Tlaib video like it’s a badge of honor, when in fact, it’s humiliating beyond belief and disrespectful to Americans who are suffering for real.


All this phony theatric stuff does is cause more anger and angst in this country.

We never saw these smug politicians crying for all the Americans who are losing their businesses and lives.

They never bawled for all the kids who are forced out of school and are totally lost right now.

We never saw a tear shed for officer David Dorn and others like him.

Americans are sick and tired of these political games, and no amount of phony tears will ever change that.



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