[VIDEO] Red-Pilled Priest Goes Viral For Righteously Slamming “Catholic” Biden

Finally, there’s a priest who’s actually speaking for those who are faithful.

Fr. William Kosco of Buckeye, Arizona recently went on an absolute tirade where he slammed Biden for his so-called Catholic faith.


Father William put Biden on blast for supporting abortion, gay marriage, and transgenders, all of which go against the Catholic Church.

Oh, but he didn’t stop there…

He also made sure to call out the cowardly bishops who are allowing beliefs like Biden’s to run rampant through their church.

Watch the video:

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Where Father William makes his biggest point is his comparison between Biden and Mitt Romney.

If Romney were out there drinking whiskey and smoking cigars, the LDS Church would immediately condemn him and possibly excommunicate him.

So why is Biden allowed by the Roman Catholic Church to push ideals that go against the faith?

Sadly it’s due to the new status quo that’s been enabled by do-nothing bishops and even Pope Francis, who is often considered an ally of Biden’s.

From NPR

In the November election, just over half of American Catholics voted against Biden, in great part because of his support for laws such as those guaranteeing abortion rights that run contrary to Church doctrine.

Nevertheless, the new president has a friend — and potential ally — at the Vatican. On Inauguration Day, Pope Francis sent Biden a warm note saying, “Grave crises facing our human family call for farsighted and united responses.”

Relations between Pope Francis and Trump were at best chilly. When Trump was still a candidate in 2016, Pope Francis suggested he was “not a Christian” for his campaign vow to deport more immigrants and build a wall along the border with Mexico. A year later, the pope wondered how Trump could claim to be “pro-life” while ordering policies that broke up the families of immigrants and asylum seekers.

Biden’s election was welcomed by the Vatican — but without mention of his support for abortion rights, says Villanova University theology professor Massimo Faggioli.


What’s happened to the Catholic Church is a travesty.

If the very top of the church isn’t standing up for their faith and tradition, then what exactly are they standing for?

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