[VIDEO] Reporter at Trump's PA Rally "The Line to the Bathroom is Longer than Joe Biden's Biggest Rally"

President Trump showed up in Moon Township, PA for a rally.

The crowd – as always – gathered early and the enthusiasm for our America First President was off the charts.

And one of my favorite pre-rally videos was from Right Side Broadcasting, a conservative network that follows Trump all over the country filming his rallies.

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One of the reporters was discussing the rallygoers and the energy, and he made a great observation that I thought you might find funny.

As the reporter was sharing details on the crowd,  he stopped and said “by the way, the line to the bathroom is longer than Joe Biden’s biggest rally.”

Ha ha ha ha!

You can watch the video below:

The excitement and enthusiasm for President Trump are off the charts.

The Dems really painted themselves into a corner with this COVID paranoia. They can’t go door-to-door and they can’t hold rallies.

It’s really hard – impossible, I’d say – to run a successful campaign this way.

They took a gamble on the pandemic, and I believe they overplayed their hand. Most Americans are ready to get back to normal. It feels like the Dems want to keep us in the past, locked up and scared.


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