[VIDEO] Rush Limbaugh's Producer Bo Snerdly Just Made a Bold Power Move to Take Down Team Harris/Biden

Bo Snerdly is an amazing man and patriot. He’s been Rush Limbaugh’s producer for eons now, and he’s a staunch fighter for America First and President Trump.

But even more than just talking the talk, Mr. Snerdly is walking the walk…no, he’s running, and he’s plowing over the left like gangbusters in the process.


Bo has just released a new video that takes such targeted aim at Joe and Kamala, that you know they’re running for cover.

Today, President Trump called into the show, he and Rush are co-hosting, and Bo got a chance to speak to him, and he was blown away.

Bo’s new video called “Eat in Peace” is stunning.

It’s one of those ads that you watch and think “man, how can they recover from THIS?”

And the answer is…they can’t.

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The Dems turned a blind eye to the violence and chaos from left-wing ANTIFA and BLM for far too long and only stopped calling the riots “peaceful protests” after the polling started to turn against them.

It’s too late, the damage has been done and they’ve proven to America they are communist radicals who are too weak and clueless to stop the insurrection from their looney Marxist supporters.

You can watch the video below:

We’re so lucky that people like Bo are coming forward and helping President Trump to defeat these violent communist ghouls.

It’s not going to be easy, but if we all stay focused and pledge to vote like our life and freedom depend on it, we’ll be saving ourselves and this country…and we’ll be able to “Eat in Peace,” because a ‘2nd term Trump” will be ON FIRE!


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