[VIDEO] Scoop From Arizona Insider On How Deeply Terrified Dems Are of This Audit

The audit in Arizona is heating up and they’re inching closer and closer to possibly uncovering that “big lie” we keep hearing about.

Which of course has the left in complete panic mode and they’re doing everything in their power to undermine this audit.


They’ve linked it to QAnon conspiracy theories, racism, and pretty much anything else they can think of.

But their latest attempt to discredit the audit are just downright ridiculous.

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Now they’re trying to claim that what these auditors are looking through, namely the routers used by systems like Dominion, are a “national security” hazard, which is absolutely asinine when you consider that Dominion and their routers are private, and not related to any personal voter information.

Right? I mean, that’s how it should be…

And that’s why Arizona Republican Chairwoman Kelli Ward is putting this latest attack on blast.


Honestly, if these guys had nothing to hide, there wouldn’t be such a huge uproar over looking at some routers.

Clearly, they know their backs are against the wall and they’re doing everything in their power to avoid the inevitable.

Innocent people don’t fight this hard against an investigation.

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