[VIDEO] Scrawny Antifa Protesters vs Huge Trump Truck.....Any Bets on Who Wins?

I applaud Trump supporters for going out and standing up to Antifa communists…I think they’re amazing and brave and they have every right to take back the streets…But I wish they wouldn’t. Especially after Jay Bishop was hunted down and shot in the streets of Portland.

This is what the left wants – they want a street war – so they can blame it on Trump…the same way Biden is doing now.

So, my hope is that everyone stays home and safe, so we can all get to the voting booth and take the left down that way.

But, with that said, I saw this video of our brave young Trump supporters, and it really was great, so I wanted to share it with you.

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The incident happened in Portland. A Truck filled with Trump supporters was driving down the street when a few Antifa commies tried to use their doughy bodies to stop the truck from moving forward.

The truck kept inching forward, and then out of nowhere, a Trump supporter leaned out the window and blasts the commies with a face-full of pepper spray.

The commies quickly gave up and scampered off.

You can watch the video below:

Again, just to reiterate, I really hope that our side stays safe and out of harm’s way.

Our greatest weapon against this communist insurrection is our vote…and if we meet these ghouls in the streets – which is what they want – we can cause a lot of problems for Trump.

Let’s stay calm and focus on winning in November, everyone.


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