[VIDEO] Sean Spicer is Back and He’s Mopping Up the Floor With Poor Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki has gotta be one of the least prepared and most inept White House Press Secretaries in recent memory.

Say what you will about the Trump administration’s press secretaries, but they brilliantly handled the job given to them and fought like pit bulls against the dishonest media.


Unlike Psaki, who is “circling back” so often that it’s surprising that she isn’t spinning in delirious circles right there in the press room.

Speaking of Trump’s press secretaries, Sean Spicer just brilliantly called out Psaki for one big mistake she made during a recent presser when she referred to the chaos at the U.S. Southern border as a “crisis.”

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“Crisis” is a no-no word with the Biden admin. It’s not to be used in anything associated with Biden, or the border because in his administration’s opinion there are no such things as a crisis now that Trump has left office.

Yes…everything is just a bed of roses now…

Here’s what Spicer had to say about Psaki’s slip-up:


It’s pretty hilarious though that the press actually called out Psaki on this.

As a matter of fact, the situation at the border has become so out of control that not even the liberal media can defend it any longer.

The uber-liberal “Rolling Stone” magazine has even joined in on bashing Biden for the crisis.

From CIS.org

The then-candidate also made the following promise on his website: “Biden will direct the necessary resources to ensure asylum applications are processed fairly and efficiently, while treating families and children with compassion and sensitivity.” That’s rhetoric. Rolling Stone offers the reality.

First, though, let me explain that the situation the Biden administration has created at the border both through its rhetoric and in rolling back Trump policies and procedures is very similar to what CBP was dealing with in the spring and summer of 2019. Then and now, HHS is out of shelter space and is scrambling to find it, while UACs languish in CBP custody.

As Rolling Stone reports, UACs at the border “are being held in facilities that are far overcapacity and densely packed”. How “overcapacity and densely packed”?

It explains that one CBP “facility in Donna, Texas, had reached 729 percent of its pandemic capacity this month. CBS reported that while the facility was designed to hold 250 people, it was holding more than 1,800 people as of March 2.”

UACs of late have been held in CBP custody for a week or more, and some of them claim that they had to “take turns sleeping on the floor” for lack of space. They are detained “in unsanitary conditions, often without access to soap”, or even to showers for that matter.

Wow. It’s certainly a rare time that you’ll actually see the media reporting on something like this factually.

But as many can see, the situation at the border has become so dire that blaming Trump just isn’t an option anymore.

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