[VIDEO] Seattle Cops Bum-Rush and Tear Gas a Line of Antifa Rioters Hiding Behind "Umbrella Shields"

Looks like the Seattle police are taking a page out of the new Portland playbook because now they’re going after Antifa “Brave Heart” style too.

Over in Portland, the police have been bum-rushing lines of Antifa rioters in a pretty savage fashion.

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Now, it looks like Seattle is doing the same thing.

This incident happened after a line of Antifa thugs stood behind their umbrellas, antagonizing police.

Cops were not amused and used their bicycles to mow down the group while blasting tear gas in their faces.

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You can watch the video below:

Perhaps the new more aggressive approach we’re seeing now is actually officials trying to get the violence under wraps after they discovered that the riots were tanking Biden in the polls.

Either way, it’s good to see these communists getting what’s coming to them.


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