[VIDEO] Semi-Truckers For Trump Dust Off Their Trump Flags and Old Glory and Hit The Highway, Horns Blazing

At some point, common sense has to start playing a key role in this political mess we’ve got goin’ on here.

We have a desperate political party that will do ANYTHING (and I do mean anything) to win in November and a media that has tossed aside any semblance or appearance of professionalism, in order to stump for a man who is one sneeze away from full-blown Alzheimer’s.


The polls are once again all over the map – just like they were in 2016, only this time around, enthusiasm for Trump feels even higher, and enthusiasm for the Dem candidate seems like it’s swirling the toilet bowl.

At the very least, Hillary had a strong base of supporters – granted, it wasn’t enough, and the enthusiasm was pretty “meh,” but it was a heck of a lot better than what Biden has.

Even if you consider COVID as a reason for Dems not to gather for rallies, do Biden supporters not own cars, boats, or trucks?

Remember that horrid little “Latinos for Biden” road rally in Vegas that had 9 cars?

I actually felt sorry for him at that point…(for a minute or two).

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] 30K Cars Show Up For “Latino Anti-Communist/Pro-Trump Parade” in Downtown Miami, But Joe’s 16 Points Ahead?

I lived in Vegas for 9 years, and there’s a lot of Hispanics in that city – so where were all of them?

(Spoiler alter: they were driving around for Trump…)

So, while tons of Americans take to the streets, and waterways to show love and support for Trump, we’re to believe that Biden, who can’t get even a small car parade going, has set the nation on fire?

It’s all so silly…

That’s why when I saw these amazing semi-truckers driving through Oaklahoma, I knew I had to get them to you.

We’ve got to combat these silly negative fake polls with common sense and reality!

You can watch the video below:

Again, “common sense.” Trust me, the lying media didn’t just decide to start telling you the truth with their polls…

Trust me, what they’re doing now is trying to show Biden has “caught on” in hopes that the indy’s and undecided voters will go with the “hot hand” and what’s “popular” in the country (BIDEN!!!!).

Just close your eyes and tune out this nonsense, and show up in person on Election Day and vote for Trump and all R’s down-ballot.

We’ve got this!


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