[VIDEO] Senator Johnson Gives This Unbelievably Savage Response When a Reporter Asks Him About Congratulating Biden

The media seems dead set on not only pretending that Biden has won the election, but also expect conservatives to participate in this lie.

But besides old pathetic RHINO’s like Romney, the Republicans can see that this race is far from over and they’re not ready to buy what the media is selling.


And nothing sums up their resistance against kissing Biden’s feet like this video of Senator Ron Johnson.

Check it out:

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That’s gotta be the most straight-to-the-point and hilarious responses to this sham election yet!

And Senator Johnson has known for a long time that this election was going to be a sham.

He stated just a couple weeks before the election what a mess the mail-in ballots were going to create:


When asked about the President’s comments on the transfer of power by WTMJ’s Gene Mueller, Senator Ron Johnson said the following-

“It’s not the way I interpreted it. I think the President has been raising legitimate concern about what’s going to happen with this dramatic increase in mail-in balloting. With the Supreme Court decision in the state of Pennsylvania, they’ll accept ballots without postmarks, they’ll count them three days later. Now a federal district judge ruling here in Wisconsin, we’ll continue to count ballots six days past the election. I’m highly concerned about what’s going to happen with this election. The fact that we won’t know potentially who is the next President of the United States for days, potentially weeks, after the election. So I think he was certainly making that point as he has raised it multiple times. And I think the other point he was just making was that he expects to win, so he doesn’t think there’s going to be a transition.”

Johnson knows what’s up.

Even before this mess transpired, he knew there would be a big legal fight for the White House.

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