[VIDEO] Sidney Powell Says She Has The “Goods” On all Election Bad Guys and Vows to Name Names

Man, Sidney Powell is angry as heck over this sham election.

She’s seriously just as mad, if not more, than the 70 million Trump supporters who voted for him in this election.


During a segment on Lou Dobbs, Sidney let the corrupts Democrats have it.

She and Dobbs pointed out that the left has fought Trump at every turn: when he was a candidate, elected, president and now this is their final stand to end Trump once and for all.

Well Sidney is not going to sit idly by, she just revealed that she’s “going to release the Kraken.”

Check it out:

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You’ve gotta love it!

Conservatives on Twitter love that Sidney is fighting for our president and most importantly US!

She NEEDS a protective team. My hope and prayer is that a team of former Navy Seals are already working that detail. 🙏✝️🙏

Wow. Sidney is PISSED!!! 😳

We are sooooo excited!!! Come on. Drop that hammer!!!!!

I absolutely love this women.

She is absolutely fabulous.

Omg she really said that 🔥🔥🔥

People are fired up!

We’re more than ready to see this evidence.

We’re ready to see the Kraken!

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