[VIDEO] Somebody Should Call and Check on John Kerry, Because President Trump Just Destroyed Him

President Trump’s rallies are so successful because he’s truly having a good time.

Trump is a showman. He’s a master of ceremonies – and he commands the room with his engaging stories, funny quips, amazing speeches, and torching his enemies.

And the latest swamp creature who took a political beating was none other than incompetent nincompoop John Kerry.

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As you’ll recall, John Kerry was the “father” of that disastrous Iran Deal that President Trump mercifully ended.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, a couple of years back John Kerry declared that it would be downright impossible to bring Arab countries and Israel together in any type of peace deal.

Well, clearly, Ketchup Boy was wrong again, because President Trump has made that peace happen, with more to come.

And Trump didn’t hold back – he ripped into Kerry something fierce…and it was amazing!

You can watch the video below:

One of the reasons that the political elites hate Trump is because he’s showing them up for the useless, inept fools that they are.

They’re not in DC to help us or help the country. They’re there for themselves, their friends, and family.

That’s exactly who Joe Biden is…if he was to ever win the White House, his son Hunter would be sitting back at home collecting paychecks, hand over fist….again.


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