[VIDEO] Someone Call 911, Tucker Just Demolished Sheppard Smith...Yet Again

Remember back when Shep Smith took his ball and huffed off of his bazillion-dollar Fox News set like a spoiled, petulant child?


Well, rumor has it that he threw away millions, power, and (some) ratings, all because he was humiliated by Tucker Carlson during an on-air dustup, which Tucker won, hands down.

Shep supposedly wanted Tucker disciplined for his actions, but Fox News refused to do anything, and Diva Shep got mad and quit.

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It was one of the best and quickest takedowns you’ve ever seen.

Now, Shep is on some low-rated CNBC show pushing people to wear three masks.

What an epic fall from grace. It’s delicious. 😋

And even more delicious is Tucker’s latest takedown of Primadonna Smith…Tucker delivered one of his best and most scathing takedowns of his old buddy and pal Sheppard and his latest leftist message on masks, and trust me, it will make you smile from ear-to-ear.

You can watch the video below:

Shep’s biggest career mistake was getting on the wrong side of Tucker Carlsson.


It’s literally destroyed his whole life – massive pay cut, loss of power and prestige, and no more platform to push his progressive agenda.

We owe Tucker a debt of gratitude.


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