[VIDEO] Something Wrong With Jake Tapper? He's Looks and Sounds Exceptionally Despondent During Whitmer Interview

Misery enjoys company, so maybe that’s why Gretchen Whitmer appeared on Jake Tappers CNN show because he looks and sounds absolutely miserable.

I have been noticing a shift in Tapper’s tone and attitude.


He’s gotten increasingly angry, he’s literally wearing his disgust on his face. He has “resting disgust face” lately, even worse than usual.

Check out this unhinged meltdown he recently had on air:

You can hear the defeat and anger in his words.

Listen to Jake correct Gretchen Whitmer when she says Trump called COVID a “hoax.”

He’s not a newsman or a reporter anymore….not that he ever was a shining example of one…but truth be told, he was at least fair from time to time. He’s the one who pushed hardest against the “very fine people” lie. Jake is now a sad anti-Trump resister, who sees his “team” falling behind and heading for defeat.

When he “corrects” Whitmer for saying Trump called COVID a “hoax,” you can see the seething hate and anger on his face and it’s dripping from his snarky words.

You can watch the video below:

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Honestly, I think that Tapper is seeing the writing on the wall.

Trump is going to win again, and not only will it be a miserable 4 years for him and his CNN crew, but it will be a direct rebuke of the media from the American people.

They will know beyond any shadow of a doubt that they have lost most of their power and respect, and that Trump was right about them all along.


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