[VIDEO] Steve Scalise Comes up With Brilliant Way to Show Americans What a Failure Kamala Truly is…

What the heck is happening on the border?

First off, it’s a damn mess and we’re hearing reports that kids are being sexually assaulted at some of Biden’s facilities.


Not to mention the overcrowding – people are packed in like sardines – not a lick of social distancing, by an admin who scolded us if we invite a couple of family members over for a BBQ.

I thought we were in the middle of a horrific pandemic?

It’s amazing how COVID turns on/off when Dems need it to, right? Quite the “smart” virus.

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And besides all that, we were told that Kamala was going to be in charge of the border…yet, she’s never even gone there. Not once.

What the heck is going on? The border is worse than ever, more kids, cages, and sorrow than ever before, and Dems are virtually quiet, and the person that’s supposed to be n charge is completely AWOL.

Well, Steve Scalise decided to call Kamala’s poor job performance out publicly, and he really drove the point home by using this brilliant prop.

He had Kamal’s face printed on a milk carton…MISSING KAMALA.

Hahaha. Genius way to show the country what a failure she truly is.



I hope Republicans keep at it – and keep calling out the Biden admin for all of their failures. We need a lot of this…24/7

And I am all for funny props too – whatever catches people’s attention…Just keep up the pressure – nonstop…

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