[VIDEO] Team Trump Denies Biden Camp Request For Breaks Every 30 Minutes, But Now There's an "Earpiece" Issue Unfolding

Tonight’s the night…the long-awaited debate is going to take place this evening and things are already starting to heat up.

Reports are circulating that that Biden’s team wanted breaks every 30-minutes, but Team Trump refused to agree to that.

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From FR 24 News

JOE Biden has requested a break every 30 minutes during tonight’s presidential debate, according to reports.

No commercial breaks are scheduled during the 90-minute event, prompting the Biden campaign to ask for brief breaks to give their candidate a rest, Fox News reports.

Camp Trump reportedly strongly rejected the idea and countered it by demanding that both candidates be checked for hidden headphones before the debate.

In addition, Team Trump wants candidates’ ears checked for hidden earpieces.

You can watch the video below:

Early on, we were told that Team Biden agreed, but now New York Post reporter is now reporting that they’ve declined that request.

Former Fox News host Todd Starnes is also claiming that Biden was given the answers ahead of time. Of course, we have no way to verify this, but thanks to the mainstream media “anon sources” are the new thing, right?

If true, could this decline regarding the earpiece inspection be a last-minute deal-breaker, and possibly be the “out”. Biden uses n0t to show up?

The only reason Biden would decline that request is if he’s wearing an earpiece.

Update: Biden’s team is now denying the earpiece story. I still don’t know if they’ve agreed, though.

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