[VIDEO] Ted Cruz Holds Up a Piece of Paper That Leaves Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tongue-Tied and Stunned

The Big Tech tyrants were testifying again before the Senate, and once again, their tyrannical communist behavior was on full display.


And it will come as no surprise to you that wordsmith Ted Cruz led the charge against Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, and really nailed him on the censorship of the Hunter Biden scandal.

The entire exchange is “must-watch,” but when Ted held up the paper showing the New York Posts suspension for sharing the story, Jack was left tongue-tied and stunned.

Jack was still full of excuses but did eventually admit that they shouldn’t have censored the piece…of course, that doesn’t matter now, the damage was done.

The plot worked. 

But the real argument, and why Jack looked so nervous, was because it all comes down to this one question: Are Twitter and FaceBook publishers?


The answer is–yes, they absolutely are, no matter how hard they argue against it.

From Red State

Dorsey tells Cruz that Twitter is not a publisher, but rather a distributor of information. But Ted Cruz makes the case that via Twitter’s actions in some cases, they are indeed acting as a publisher.

For example, Cruz highlights how Twitter completely blocked the NY Post article on Hunter Biden’s laptop. But when it came to the NY Times article on Trump’s taxes, they didn’t take any action. Dorsey claimed that the NY Times article was just ‘reporting’ on hacked materials and that’s why they didn’t block it.

Cruz then notes how Twitter forced a Politico reporter, Jake Sherman, to take down his tweets after locking his account for simply ‘reporting’ on the NY Post story and asking Team Biden for a response. While Dorsey claimed that action was later determined to be a mistake, Cruz reiterated his point that Twitter was using their star chamber power as a publisher, determining which stories a reporter could write and publish.

Cruz then went after both Dorsey and Zuckerberg over their purported claim to transparency by putting them both on the spot and asking for a list of Republicans and Democrats they have hit with censorship enforcements, saying he’s asked for it in the past but has not received it. Dorsey was hesitant to commit to generating such a list, even though he admitted they had the data in a database somewhere. Zuckerberg said he wasn’t aware of such a list, but seemed more open to trying to get the data to Cruz.

You can watch the video below:

Big Tech stepped in to help sway the 2020 election, and thus far they were successful. Their censorship of the truth was shocking and “China-like.” Actually, maybe even worse than China.

And it’s still going on.

You’re not allowed to “question” the election online. The globalist elites and overlords of Silicon Valley and the media oligarchs have called the election, so shut up peasant, you no longer have a say.

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Social Media shouldn’t be about certain people and so-called “fact-checkers” deciding what is real, and what isn’t. It should be about sharing information and allowing free Americans to make their own decisions and draw their own conclusions.

Today’s so-called “conspiracy theories” can be tomorrow’s truth and facts. We should be allowed to discuss things and share opinions freely. If we’re not allowed to do that, we’re not free people.

We also must demand more than talk and d0-nothing hearings from the GOP (and the DOJ). If the GOP had addressed this back when they had the House and Senate, we might not be in this mess right now.

Why didn’t they do that?


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