[VIDEO] Teen Boys on School Bus Start The "F Joe Biden" Chant in Michigan As Joe's Motorcade Rolls By

Oh boy, the F Joe Biden chant is becoming so mainstream, even teen boys are chanting it on the school bus.


Now, as a parent who never allowed her daughter to even say “damn,” I don’t necessarily like hearing young kids swear, especially the “f-bomb,” but I really do understand the frustration being felt by everyone all over the country.

It’s really hard to nitpick people for swearing, who are frustrated over an election they don’t believe was fair, or mask mandates that are ruining their childhood, or the high cost of living, gas, and families who are struggling to say afloat in this communist version of “Biden’s America.”

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And then when Joe Biden shows up in your city, with all his bravado, it can really make people angry, so I don’t blame these kids, or anybody saying the “F Joe Biden” chant.

Honestly, I have let go of the whole “we’re better than that/high road” nonsense. This chant is really, really getting to Joe, so let it rip!

For crying out loud, as sad as it is, it’s the one thing bringing Americans together…ironically.

So, this group of young boys, who were in the thick of things as Biden’s motorcade made its way down their city streets, joined in and told Biden what they thought of him.

Well, I guess it’s safe to say that the younger generation isn’t buying what Joe Biden and the Dems are selling, so that’s a good thing.


I say, keep up the chant and continue to let Joe Biden know that he’s not welcome anywhere he goes.

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