[VIDEO] The Look on Stephanopoulos' Face is Priceless When Pelosi Bizarrely Blurts Out 'Good Morning!'

Well, it looks like Pelosi had one too many muscle relaxers during this interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

Midway through answering a question on how she’s planning to halt Trump’s SCOTUS nomination, Pelosi awkwardly blurts out “good morning, Sunday morning.”

Did Nancy forget where she was and who she was talking too?

Watch the video:

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Good grief, the look on Stephanopoulos’ face is priceless!

He looks just as confused as her.

The comments on this are almost as hilarious as the video itself:

“I think Pelosi.exe froze there for a second”

“Yeah I’ve been to Disneyland enough times to see the animatronics malfunction. Animatronics are not infallible.”

“Nancy is shorting out.”

“She’s with it. She’s hip.”

“Man, she’s channeling Joe.”

“Why did she reset like that? Weird.”

This behavior is pretty gosh darn bizarre.

The Democrat party is really starting to look and sound like an old folks retirement home.

Just imagine a room filled with Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Joe Biden.

They’d be talking healthcare reform one moment and then two second later macaroni and cheese.

What an absolute train wreck.

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