[VIDEO] The WH Press Corp Has Never Been Eviscerated So Savagely...And Afterward, Kayleigh Just Turned and Walked Away

How many different ways does President Trump need to “denounce” white supremacy?

Maybe he should stand on his head and do it? Or maybe he could skydive out of an airplane and hold a sign denouncing it?


He could hold a giant sheet of paper with “White Supremacy” written in bold letters with a big red circle and slash through it…

Would that shut the stupid, worthless media up?

No. It wouldn’t.

Because this is a game they’re playing.

We’ve circled back to “Trump is a racist” again.

The military hit didn’t work, the taxes thing was a flop, the latest “sexual accuser” (who you might have missed, she was here and gone so fast) was a total fail…so here we are again with Trump is a racist – YAWN – so there’s nothing POTUS could say or do that would curb the appetite of these fake news progressive jackals.

They’re on a mission from Satan himself, and nothing can stop them.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Black Leader of “Proud Boys” Salt Lake City Goes on Record Denouncing “White Supremacy”

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t call them out on their twisted political game…and that’s exactly what Kayleigh McEnany did during today’s presser.

Kayleigh goes absolute “scorched earth” on White House press and then just turned and walked away like a BOSS

You can watch the video below:

As frustrating and annoying as this to watch unfold, just remember, the more the useless press does this, the more than destroy themselves.

After 5 non-stop years of this, Americans are sick and tired, and that’s why so many have turned the press out, and they’ve lost so much power.

Trust me, after 2020, they’ll lose even more.

This could be the year that they completely and totally implode.


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