[VIDEO] There's a New Phenomenon Happening, "Trump Won" Banners Unfurling All Over the World...

They can put out all the fake polls, and propaganda “fluff pieces” they want about Joe and Kamala, it’s not going to change people’s minds.


To a large swath of the American public, the 2020 election was a complete and total sham – and no matter how loud people like Jake Tapper and Chris Cuomo scream that it was “legit and fair,” a huge number of Americans will rely on their own eyes and ears to tell the story of what actually happened.

After all, our media has a habit of screaming and yelling about things for a while, and then suddenly, the truth comes out and we discover that we were right all along…

Example: Russia, Fauci, Wuhan.

And of course, there were a whole host of other smaller stories and issues along the way where we were proven right and the media was wrong. It happens almost constantly.

So, why would we believe the media now, when they’ve made it perfectly clear that they’re operating as a political SsuperPAC for the Democrat Party?

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Besides, it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that Bumbling Joe Biden did not get 82-million legit votes. If he did, he’d be the most beloved and adored politician in United States history, and that type of political movement, filled with such love and adoration could not be contained. There would be signs of his massive support everywhere – in person and online.

Yet, oddly enough, we don’t see that. We see literally no support in-person or online.

There is nothing that Joe or Kamala can do that actually generates any interest or excitement at all. Nothing.


Meanwhile, President Trump generates a ton of interest and excitement no matter what he does or doesn’t do – because that’s how genuine movements work…You can’t stop the energy and support of a real political movement. You also can’t “fake it” if it’s not really there…and that’s what we’re seeing with Joe.

And things are about to get a lot worse for bumbling Joe, as a new phenomenon is starting to sweep the world…

“Trump Won” banners are being unfurled all over the place.

Another one was just unfurled at Fenway Park in Boston, of all places!

You can watch the video below:

Yes, it keeps happening…I have a feeling we’ll keep seeing this throughout the Summer.

Yesterday, when Kamala Harris showed up in Guatemala, she was greeted by a huge “Trump Won” banner.

Ouch. That had to sting.

And you’ll recall that not too long ago, in New York City another “Trump Won” banner was unfurled.


I gotta tell ya, I am liking this new phenomenon, and I hope o see a lot more of it.

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