[VIDEO] There's a Surprise Waiting Outside the Building Where Joe Biden Will Deliver His Acceptance Speech Tonight

Tonight, Joe Biden will accept the Democrat nomination from his party.

Many people are shocked that he made it out of his basement to pre-record this speech – because we all know there’s no way they’d allow him to make this speech “live.”

So, we all know he’s “technically” not there tonight … but regardless, there’s a surprise that is there…

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Once again, Biden is getting trolled by a savvy Trump supporter. This time, however, it’s not by boat – as we’ve seen with the endless and amazing Trump Boat Parades.

This one is an airplane.

A small plane is flying around the Chase Center in Wilmington carrying a sign that reads: “Joe Biden is losing it — Vote Trump 2020.”

You can watch the video below:

The troll is great, but the sign doesn’t lie.

Joe Biden is a man with some serious cognitive issues. No, I am not a doctor, but his condition is so bad, you don’t need to be a doctor to see what’s happening.

I grew up living with a grandmother who had Alzheimer’s…and it’s chilling how much Joe reminds me of her.

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He should be home, resting and enjoying his grandkids, not going through this grueling and humiliating process.

Joe Biden is losing it, and his family is cruel to allow it to unfold in public like this.


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