[VIDEO] This 16-Year Old Boy Traveled All the Way Down to Walter Reed to Give Trump This Amazing Message

Now this is an impressive young man!

A 16-year old Trump supporter rallied behind dozens of others in front of Walter Reed hospital where he spoke eloquently on his love for America and the freedoms we are blessed with.

When asked what his message is for Trump, the young man stated that he knows the president is going to kick not only coronavirus, but also Joe Biden’s butt!

Watch the video:

This is another video of a Trump supporter with some amazing words for the president:


You’ve just gotta love all these messages of hope and love.

And of course, Trump will conquer this virus.

Even a health commissioner in Baltimore agrees Trump will overcome the virus:

From Baltimore Sun

Former Baltimore Health Commissioner Leana Wen said in a CNN appearance on Friday morning that President Donald Trump is likely to recover from COVID-19, but questioned the timeline surrounding his diagnosis.

“Even for someone who is older like the president in his 70s, with chronic medical conditions like obesity and heart disease, of course they are at higher risk for severe outcomes from COVID-19, but still, chances are he will make a complete recovery,” said Wen, who has been a frequent national commentator during the pandemic.

All of the panic and disinformation around Trump’s diagnosis is nothing more than the media and Democrats trying to inject more chaos into this election.

He will recover and Democrats will be onto their next tactic in no time.

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