[VIDEO] This Anti-Trump Protester Was Just Red-Pilled And Now She's Vowing to Vote For President Trump

It’s so easy to get lost in a sea of negativity, with all the hate and violence swirling around us.

There’s a definite divide right now, black vs white, conservative vs liberal, BLM vs cops, but at the end of the day we’re all Americans and even though we’re different on so many levels (and that’s okay) we’re also alike and want the same things – jobs, security, safety, and fairness.

The issue with a lot of folks in the black community is that they’ve been fed a ton of fake news and bad info. It’s not their fault, they’re bombarded by a massive propaganda media juggernaut and slick Dem politicians who have been using them as pawns for decades – and you can’t just undo that type of stranglehold easily.

But, if you provide people with facts and truth, they will eventually see the light.

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President Trump has done more for the black community in 4 years than Biden has done in 47 years,  and the Dems are doing everything they can to keep that hidden.

So, it’s amazing when someone who has been snared in an evil net of media and Dem lies is finally set free by the truth.

And that’s exactly what happened to this beautiful young lady.

Antoine Tucker, who is a candidate for Congress in New York had a chat with this staunch anti-Trump woman and he took the time to respectfully share the FACTS with her about what Trump has done for the black community, both before being president and during his term.

And after that red-pilled talk, this woman “got it” and has vowed to vote for President Trump.

You can watch the video below:

What an amazing story – and how lucky are we that we get to see something like this unfold on a video clip.

Mr. Tucker is a powerhouse and he is spreading the truth because he wants to see his community prosper. And that’s what Trump supporters want as well. We want to see ALL AMERICANS win.

So, even though it gets frustrating and tensions are running high, just remember that a kind and respectful talk about the truth can go a long way and maybe even change someone’s mind and life.


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