[VIDEO] This Cop Masterfully Uses Ju Jitsu Moves to Handcuff a Violent Perp With His Legs

Well this is one heck of a way to slap cuffs on someone.


This crazy video shows an officer who appears to be very skilled in Ju Jitsu, masterfully using his skills to handcuff this unruly man.

Check it out:

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That’s pretty gosh darn impressive, huh?

Twitter users also marveled at the officers abilities:

Increase his salary! No one can get paid enough for this crap

Maybe good practice for all police? Great work to very peacefully contain him.

This guy needs to teach this method. ??????

Cop showed great patience.

Need more officers w elite skills. Most can’t even touch their toes when stretching.

NICE. That’s how you handle a unarmed man.

I still believe there should be a minimum size and martial art skill requirement for all police officers.

Homeboy got jitsued!


This cops skill and patience really are quite extraordinary.

Most officers would’ve called for back up or gotten out their taser in this situation.

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