[VIDEO] This Could Be Pelosi's Filthiest Assault on President Trump Yet...She's Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

Either Nancy Pelosi thinks she’s making a shrewd “political move,” or she’s completely lost her wits. I think it’s the latter.

I truly believe that Trump has driven Pelosi to the very edge of madness and she’s now jumping into the abyss.

Just look at this. –  these photos are not doctored, they are “screenshots” from videos:

This woman is a complete mess. She has existed for her entire career under this false persona that she’s a “political mastermind.”

She’s not.

The thing with Nancy is that she’s never gone up against anyone who’s actually given here a real fight. All of her prior “fights” were for show and played out for the cameras and constituents.

Never forget, the Swamp never causes actual trouble for each other – on any side of any aisle.

So, when President Trump rolled in,  Pelosi didn’t know what to do because she had a real fight on her hands – and as a result, she’s crumbled under the pressure.

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She looks and sounds like she should be feeding the pigeons in Central Park.

And every day she gets wilder and more desperate-sounding.

This latest comment could be one of her most far-flung and filthiest yet.

Pelosi is pushing that stupid and baseless new conspiracy theory that President Trump is trying to “steal” the election by scooping up mailboxes and slowing down sorting machines.

It’s utter nonsense, but a ploy the Dems are trying to use to get everyone riled up again, as they did with the Russia hooey.

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Trust me, when Trump wins again, we’ll hear about the “mailboxes” for the next 4 years.

Now, Pelosi, who literally looks like a “banshee from hell,” in this interview, is calling President Trump a “domestic enemy” over a conspiracy theory with zero proof, and actual evidence to the contrary.

You can watch the video below:


Don’t think for a moment that she didn’t pick her words purposefully.

That is a dog whistle term for all of these communist rioters in the streets trying to overthrow our government.

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