[VIDEO] This Fantastic Patriot Introduces a Fresh and Hilarious New "Nickname" For Joe Biden..."Raggelyass" 

I have been saying this all along – the country’s total disgust over Joe Biden has finally united all of us.


We’ve been so divided for the past 6 months – the worst it’s ever been – but then for the past few months, we’ve all come together to celebrate the downfall of the worst so-called “president” this poor country has ever had.

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The F Joe Biden chant is sweeping the nation – by now, it’s practically a national pastime.

And it’s a bipartisan effort – the chant is happening everywhere – from college football games to the NFL to protests in Brooklyn.

If there’s one thing the majority of the country can agree on, it’s that we can’t stand Joe Biden.


And speaking of that, this amazing patriot here wants to take 19-seconds to thank Joe for bringing all of us together…and while he’s thanking him, he also came up with a new nickname for Joe…

I don’t know what a “Raggleyass” is, exactly, but I think it works here.

I love seeing Americans come together over their dislike of Joe Biden.

I think it’s perfect payback for an arrogant, establishment politician who has used his 50 years in office to line his pockets and destroy the middle-class.


This type of anger and retaliation is exactly what Joe Biden deserves.

So, keep the new nicknames and F Biden chants coming, folks.


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