[VIDEO] This Guy Just Figured Out How The Left's Plot Will Likely Backfire

As you likely know by now, Big Tech has de-platformed President Trump by wiping out his social media.

They have silenced him.


But was that the smartest move?

The left thinks so, but some on the right think it was a knee-jerk reaction steeped in TDS and fear and will likely backfire on them in the long run.

Time will tell, but I came across this one man’s take and thought it was really smart and made sense.

When you ponder the different scenarios that could happen down the road, this one here is definitely at the top of the list, I’d say.

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You can watch the video below:

The country has never been more divided.

At this point now, it’s hard to imagine how any type of “unity” will happen when so many Americans feel as if their feelings, voices, and beliefs are being “canceled” and “silenced.”


Taking away people’s ability to grumble, share ideas, and express themselves is a dangerous and desperate move that can backfire in so many ways.



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