[VIDEO] This Newsweek Editor Brilliantly Points Out One Thing We've All Missed About The Corrupt Media

First off, I am shocked that a Newsweek editor, of all people, is someone who “gets it.” Never mind that she’s also young, and female, to boot. This isn’t the type of person who calls out the “liberal agenda,” she’s supposed to be pushing it, right? Yes. But fortunately, that’s not what happened this time. This Newsweek editor is very “dialed in,” and I don’t know if CNN’s Brian Stelter realized that before he invited her on his show.


Well, he found out the hard way, but to his credit, he allowed her to speak and get her point across.

And it’s the manner in which she delivered her “media blows” that had me most amused and enthralled.

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She was on the show to discuss the Younkin victory and the media’s outrageous response, where they called everyone who voted for him a “white supremacist.”

Newsweek editor Batya Ungar-Sargon has a book out called “Bad News,” which calls out the media for engaging in what she calls “class warfare.”

So, she’s not looking at this from a “political standpoint.” She’s got a totally different spin on legacy media, and she says what the media is doing is all about “class,” not politics.

Very interesting. 


I have heard many people chastise the media and make significant points about their ridiculous reporting. This lady is at the top of the list for really understanding the nuances that are happening in this elitist media environment and how that messaging deeply insults minorities and working-class Americans of all colors.

Watch the video:

I have to say, bravo to Brian “Potato” Stelter for having this woman on his show and allowing her to speak her mind.


I have never heard of her, but based on what I saw, I will get her book, because I really think she’s onto something with this theory.

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