[VIDEO] Tom Cotton Dropkicks Poor CNBC Reporter Over GA Voter Bill

There’s been a lot of disinformation spread by the fake news media and Dems over the past 4 years.


But there’s nothing like this GA voter bill…it’s such a blatant pack of shameless lies and a twisted nest of cleverly crafted disinformation, it’s actually quite stunning.

I feel like the media and the left are really reaching the “gold standard” of fake news with this GA voter bill.

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And the two people who kicked off this misinformation campaign were none other than Stacey Abrams and Bumbling Joe Biden.

And now that the GA economy has been hit hard, and the country is more divided than ever, it’s up to Republicans to take to the airwaves and correct these lies started by Abrams and Biden.


And that’s precisely what Senator Tom Cotton did.

Cotton appeared on CNBC, where he absolutely dropkicked this poor misinformed CNBC reporter and schooled him on the actual truth about the GA voter bill.

And he did it in his trademark, calm, cool, and collected manner.

From Red State

As per the norm, Cotton remained calm, cool, and collected as all of the anchors threw left-wing talking points at him about how the law was crafted to solve problems that critics say didn’t exist, how it allegedly made handing food and water to voters standing in line a misdemeanor offense, as well as how it supposedly made voting access more difficult for Georgians.

One by one, Cotton debunked each claim the anchors made, but it seemed that he took particular delight in knocking down every attempted “gotcha” argument made by co-anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin, who Cotton has gone toe to toe with (and won) before.

We’ve got several clips to share, including this first one where Sorkin tried to pin Cotton on how the number of absentee ballot drop boxes decreased in certain locations in comparison to how many were in existence last year. Cotton’s answer was to explain that the drop boxes last year were not some “longstanding practice of American election law.”

Instead, he noted they were put where they were last year at the height of the pandemic when many were afraid to vote in person. He also pointed out that the Georgia law mandated the use of the drop boxes in all Georgia counties now, no fewer than one box per 100,000 voters. He informed Sorkin that voters still had the option to go into the clerk’s office to drop off a ballot or can simply put it in their mailbox. In contrast, Cotton pointed to President Biden’s home state of Delaware which “only has 5 drop boxes.” The state of New York, Cotton said, doesn’t use drop boxes at all. Cotton then wondered if the MLB would move their HQ out of the state over that “issue”:

You can watch the video below:

This GA voter bill is shaping up to become the next big “Biden Crisis.”

MLB has pulled out of a minority city (Atlanta) with voter ID laws and moved to a white city (Denver) with voter ID laws.


So, what on earth was all this hubbub about?

Destroying minority businesses? Because if that was the goal, congrats – they accomplished that.


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