[VIDEO] Triggered Female Driver Flips Off Trump Supporters

This has gotta be the pinnacle of Trump derangement syndrome folks.

A female driver was so triggered by a pro-Trump rally on the corner, that she actually flipped them off and started yelling obscenities.

But then to take it a step further, she hoisted herself up out of the driver side window to give a two finger salute.

As a result she took her foot off the brake and ended up plowing into the vehicle in front of her.

Then to make matters even worse, the cops were sitting near by and quickly rushed over after the crash.

Good grief, what a moron.

Watch the video:

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Of course Trump supporters rejoiced on social media after seeing this anti-Trump loon go careening into another vehicle:

“Tailgate derangement syndrome”

“Best thing I’ve watched all day! Love me some ‘KARMA!’”

“Republican drivers save 40%…”

“Man if I was in that SUV I would have fell out grabbing my neck and demanding someone call 911 and a lawyer!!!”

“Hearing those sirens is like the angels singing.”

“This is not how she hoped to have her 15 minutes of fame. But it is now.”

“I do hope whoever took this clip provided a copy to police. They could use a good chuckle back at the precinct.”

“Too bad the airbag didn’t deploy! That would have been a bonus.”

“Hilarious!! and in TYPICAL leftie mode, gives the driver in front of her the finger because he had the nerve to be in traffic.”

Be sure to share this with a fellow Trump conservative to brighten their day.

Hopefully we’ll get more and more of these types of videos as we get closer to the election.

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