[VIDEO] Trump Advisor Leaves Chris Wallace Speechless After He Calls Him Out For Being a Leftist Political Activist During Debate

Remember when we all thought Shep Smith was the worst thing to happen to Fox News?

We were wrong.

Chris Wallace is a heck of a lot worse, and here’s why…


Chris Wallace sells himself to viewers as the “tough/no-nonsense unbiased journalist.”

Shep never did that – Shep has been a hysterical partisan mess for quite some time.

But in the case of Chris Wallace, he’s been flying under the radar because he’d go pretty hard at folks on the left during interviews.

But if you go back and watch past interview Chris has conducted you’ll see that he lets the left push their talking points, and eases up much quicker with Dems – especially as we’re getting closer to the election.

And after the disastrous debate, where Wallace literally carried Joe Biden the entire way, it’s safe to say that the “unbiased” mask has been ripped off of Wallace’s smug face, and underneath there’s a scared, angry, Trump-hating progressive that is staring back at us.

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And that’s the fact that Trump’s top advisor Chris Cortes went after during a very fiery debate.

Cortes called out Wallace for being a lefty activist and his shameful behavior during the debate.

Watch and listen closely and you can hear Wallace actually start to say “fair enough” after he got reamed by Steve Cortes for his shameful Debate behavior.

You can watch the video below:

This is how we win, we have to confront these jackals face to face and call them out.

Too often, these frauds have been allowed to hide behind their masks, while subversively pushing their globalist agenda.

It’s time to rip off all their masks and start fighting fire with fire!


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