[VIDEO] Trump Arrived at Tonight's Debate With a Massive Police Escort Riding in The "Beast" Like a BOSS

Wow, what a sight to behold this was.

President Trump knocked it out of the park at tonight’s debate in Cleveland, Ohio.

Of course, the fake news will say Biden won because he didn’t keel over, but the truth of the matter is, Fox News debate moderator Chris Wallace was “Team Biden” the whole night.

And no, I am not saying that to cry or complain, it’s just fact, and it was so bad that even journalists online who are not “Trump supporters” were wondering what the heck Wallace was doing. It was that obvious. He was running MAJOR interference for Sleepy Dementia Joe.

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So, the truth of the matter is that Trump was debating two people, and he won against both of them.

But it was how he arrived at the debate that should have been Biden’s first clue that he was up against a “beast.”

As a matter of fact, President Trump rolled up to the debate in the “Beast” – that’s the name of the “first car” that President Trump rides around in – and he had a beautiful and massive police escort to boot.

He looked like the BOSS that he is…

You can watch the video below:

Really proud of how Trump handled himself against 1 1/2 people tonight (Joe isn’t a whole person).

The game was rigged to make sure President Trump didn’t. demolish Dementia Joe, but even so, he still did.



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