[VIDEO] Trump Crowd Chanting "Four More Years" Drowns Out CNN Reporter's Live Broadcast

I am telling you right now, the biggest hoax going on in America (besides the COVID panic) is the lie that Joe Biden is winning.

It’s actually laughable at this point.

The polls are a joke. I saw a Fox News one today that had Biden ahead, but they had Indie voters at 5%.

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I actually busted out laughing when I saw that.

The media (yes, even Fox News) are working overtime to try and make this look like a “tight race.”

It’s not. And yes, I know we all must still be diligent and turn out en masse, but this idea that Biden is “winning” is a straight-up “smoke and mirrors” hoax.

The enthusiasm is the ONLY way you can cut through this media circus and judge what’s really going on in America…and it’s all “Trump.”

And CNN found this out the very hard and embarrassing way when they tried filming a live report from a Nevada rally.

Their story was not on “enthusiasm”

You can watch the video below:

We’re at the point in the election cycle where the media will no longer be able to hide the support and enthusiasm for President Trump.

Biden is using “COVID” as an excuse not to have “rallies,” but the reality is, he has no enthusiasm and no support.

And those are two things you desperately need in order to win an election, and nothing the media can “fake” will change that.


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