[VIDEO] Trump is Such a Smooth Operator, He Even Dazzles The Saudi Prince in This Rare 14-Second Clip

There is just no denying it, Trump is one mega smooooth operator.

He’s like velvet, or extra creamy Jiffy peanut butter…not a wrinkle or bump in his game.


I happened upon this rare clip of Trump –  I am not even entirely sure where or when it’s from Looks like a “worldly summit” of some kind, pre-COVID.

But honestly, the details don’t really matter – this 14-second clip is all about Trump’s swag, and that’s why I wanted to share it with you.

This is the stuff I live for…I spend my days hunting for little treasures to share with you guys, and this one here is a gem.

So, it’s a short clip, but let me set it up for you…Trump is walking by the Saudi Prince, and he does this “buddy tap move” on his shoulder, so smooth, like a sly devil, and you can literally see by the reaction of the prince how dazzled he is by Trump.

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That’s all I can say, you’ll “get it” when you watch it.

You can watch the video below:

We truly have the most amazing alpha leader on the globe.

Trump just has “it.” He doesn’t fake it, it’s not rehearsed. Some people are born with “it.”

And that’s why Trump is the most interesting, unique, and powerful man in the world.


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