[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Savagely Sucker-Punched in Beverly Hills by a Violent BLM Supporter 

During the low-rated wildly and unpopular DNC Convention, the Dems celebrated the communist mob – once again trying to convince the public that despite all the violence and chaos we’ve witnessed with our own eyes – that the Antifa and BLM protesters are “peaceful.”

Nobody with even half a brain believes this “peaceful” nonsense, yet the Dems keep pushing it with the help of their fake news stooges who refuse to report on the violence that’s happening day after day in failed liberal-run cities.

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But it’s gone beyond just happening in Portland or Seattle…Now, the BLM violence has moved into places like Beverly Hills.

And that was the scene of a vicious fight, where a BLM supporter suckered-punch a Trump supporter in a savage display of violence.

You can watch the video below:

As you already know by now, these protests have zero to do with  “George Floyd,” or “justice.”

It’s a communist insurrection focused on destroying everything this country was founded on…it’s not peaceful, and if Joe Biden gets into office it will be a hell of a lot worse because these Marxist groups will feel emboldened and as if they have a mandate.

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The only way to end this communist movement is to flat-out reject it.

Vote Trump and make sure everyone you know is registered and doing the same.


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