[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Takes Biden-Doocy Heated Exchange and Turns it Into a Hilarious "Titanic" Spoof 

Some of you may recall the hilarious “Bill/Hillary” beach video we shared with you last week.


I saw it and died laughing.

This one Twitter account does some of the best video memes I’ve ever seen, and I didn’t think he’d ever top that Bill/Hillary beach video.

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Take a look:

But, he actually did just top it…

I mean, he really TOPPED it!

He’s now taken that heated exchange between Peter Doocy of Fox News and Biden during Joe’s last disastrous Afghanistan presser and made it spectacular.

He put a much funnier and more appropriate “sinking” spin on it.


This clever meme artist gave Joe a harmonica that he starts playing right as he slumps down when he’s unable to keep up with Doocy’s questioning.

And what song does Bumbling Joe play?

Well, the theme to Titanic, of course…glub, glub, glub…down he goes…

Trust me, you’re gonna love this one.

You can watch the video below:

How great was that? I watched it like 7 times in a row…hahaha.

I’ll tell you what, with all this sadness, strife, and hell we’re dealing with, it really does feel good to laugh.


Hope you enjoyed a nice “comedy break.”

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