[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Terrance Williams Wants to Know Why Joe is So Afraid of Winter Weather

With the disaster in Texas, many are wondering why Biden, the leader of country, has not flown down ther to address the crisis.

Of course they’ll use excuses like “weather,” but can you imagine the blowback if Trump had done something like this?


Liberals would’ve demanded Trump drive down 50 salt trucks if it were him in office during this catastrophe, but for some odd reason, Biden gets a pass.

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It’s clearly a huge double standard and no one highlights this better than Trump supporter Terrance Williams in this brilliant Twitter post:

Yes we agree and there were many other conservatives on Twitter who did as well!

Probably a bit hard for him to show his face when he is the one that signed the order that prohibited Texas from generating enough power to handle the storm because it might pollute too much. Yep. He did that.

He doesn’t even know where he is!!!

He needs to forget about Texas and find a retirement home in Florida or Arizona or something they probably have to remind him he’s president everyday

He probably already forgot about what happened in Texas..

Hes too busy letting illegals into America

He lives in DC. Do you not know what the climate is like there?


It just seems like there’s always some convenient excuse for Biden to not make a public appearance.

Definitely still getting those 2020 “basement” vibes…

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