[VIDEO] Trump Supporters Dominate Biden Rally

Just when you thought a Biden rally couldn’t be any more pathetic…

During his incredibly small gathering in Toledo, OH, Biden was repeatedly interrupted and drowned out by the huge crowd of Trump supporters standing just feet away, belting “four more years” and “USA” anytime Joe mentioned the president.

You can see in this clip that it’s clearly getting to Biden as he’s forced to pause and raise his voice over the pro-Trump crowd.

Watch the video:


They completely quashed Biden’s pathetic speech!

Users on Twitter also had some great commentary on this hilarious video:

“Well Biden did say, again, that is is running for the Senate.”

“More Trump supporters there than Biden…lol”

“Joe Biden is going after the parking lot vote.”

“Must have been difficult for his 3 attendees to hear him.”

“What self respecting truck or Jeep owner would attend this?”

“Who on earth is he speaking to? The only thing he could get a crowd of seems to be empty cars in a parking lot.”

“While 18 Democrats forced to be there huddle in their cars.

Comedy gold!”

It’s honestly sad that there’s more pro-Trump protesters there for Biden speech, than actual supporters.

But yet he’s still “ahead” in the polls.

Give me a break…

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