[VIDEO] Trump Supporters Show California Liberals How to Celebrate With This Epic Dance Party on Rodeo Drive

Let me tell you, Trump supporters really know how to party!

After an unbelievable turn out for a march on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, Trump supporters rocked the block with this epic dance party.

Watch the video:


Now that looks like some serious fun right?

Meanwhile, this is how Biden supporters were “partying” for their candidate in Arizona:

So, turns out that Biden and Harris (sorry, HARRIS and Biden) showed up in Arizona for a big campaign event…but apparently nobody else did.

Well, sure, the staffers and whatnot who were invited showed up – those mooches never miss a beat, but I’m talking about supporters – the people who stand outside and hold signs and drum up excitement and spread enthusiasm….those people were nowhere to be found.

Biden’s team tried to make excuses for the lack of supporters showing up, saying, “oh, well, we didn’t announce the location or time until the last minute.”

Uh, huh…sure. It’s always an excuse.

This is a national political campaign for the White House, and I don’t think I’ve seen a group of people gathered together that exceeds 100 folks since Biden started his campaign.

Clearly Trump supporters know how to turn it up, where as these supposed Biden supporters are literally no where to be found.

And yet they still claim Biden is “ahead” in the polls.

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