[VIDEO] Trump's Fought Against Child Trafficking More Successfully Than Any President in Our History...Here's the Proof

When President Trump took office, the United State was one of the most active sex trafficking countries in the world.

More sex trafficking arrests were made in Trump’s first year of office than any single year of any previous administrations.

He gave a $25 million dollar grant to the DOJ to fund “safe housing” organizations that house sex trafficking victims. They can use that money for counseling and even towards helping victims to find employment.

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Trump’s bill also allows victims to sue the sites that advertised them as prostitutes.

President Trump himself has vowed to fight sex trafficking and said that his administration would put “unprecedented pressure” on sex traffickers…and he’s keeping his word.

Promises made. Promises kept.

This video is a stunning and beautiful tribute to all that President Trump has done to battle child sex trafficking.

You can watch the video below:

I have noticed that a lot of young girls have been swayed to support Trump based on this issue.

Let’s make sure we spread the word that President Trump is working hard on this issue, you never know how many minds you can change by just sharing the truth.


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