[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson is Now Claiming Media "Colluded With Dem Candidates And "Machines Were "Rigged"

On Monday night’s show, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson opening segment was dedicated to telling his viewers the 2020 election was “rigged” against Pres. Donald Trump by Democrats, the media, and big tech companies.

This is a huge turnaround from last week, where he told his audience that Attorney Sidney Powell failed to show her evidence backing up her claims against voting machine fraud.


Carlson led his monologue with this, “and this is a real issue no matter who raises it or who tries to dismiss it out of hand as a conspiracy theory.”

Carlson also added, “in the future, we need to find out exactly what happened in this month’s presidential election” and that the U.S. should return to “the traditional system of voting. At the same time, we shouldn’t let our focus on voting machines distract us from all that happened earlier this month.”


Carlson made the call that the 2020 election was “not fair” and that “the system was rigged against one candidate and in favor of another… in ways that were not hidden from view.”

Carlson then made a claim that will surely be tagged and labeled by all liberal-led social media platforms on how the media was part of the cabal for “colluding with the Democratic nominees” and Democrats by using covid to “change the system of voting.”

Carlson finished with, “if you use technology to censor the ideas that people are allowed to express online, ultimately you control how the population votes and that’s exactly what they did.”



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