[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson Just Delivered His Best Monologue Ever...And He Shut Up Every Liberal Hater, Too

There’s seriously something very twisted happening in this country.

There are droves of illegal migrants flooding into the U.S. causing a humanitarian crisis as we’ve never seen, but the Dems are remaining rather tight-lipped about it.


For them, this is nothing to cause alarm and they’re doing their darndest to sweep this under the rug, but their motivations are painfully obvious.

At this point, it’s abundantly clear that the Dems are losing support from average Americans at a staggering rate and they now see an opportunity to seize power by attaining a new voting group with illegal migrants.

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This realization is exactly what Tucker Carlson covered in his most recent monologue after he was attacked by the left for accusing them of replacing votes.

Check out his stunning rebuke here:


Despite how much the left tries to disprove it, the point that Tucker Carlson is making is shockingly accurate and this chaos was all set in motion by the catastrophic decision Dems made to offer a “path to citizenship” earlier this year.

From the Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON—The House passed two bills providing pathways to citizenship for certain categories of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, in a show of bipartisan support for narrow measures that still risk getting tied up in a long-running impasse over how to repair the immigration system.

By 228-197, the House voted to create a path to citizenship for young immigrants known as Dreamers who came to the U.S. before the age of 19 and have lived in the country illegally, as well as hundreds of thousands of immigrants living in the U.S. under a humanitarian program that provides temporary protection to people suffering from extraordinary conditions like war or natural disasters.

President Biden hailed the bill’s passage in the House, calling it “a critical first step in reforming our immigration system.”

Whether the left wants to admit it or not, this is clearly a ploy to undermine American voters.

Bravo Tucker for not backing down on this subject.

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