[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson Just Ended Trump-Hater Asa Hutchinson’s Politcal Career in One Interview

If you want to see a charlatan politician’s career flushed down the toilet right before your eyes, then look no further than this video.

The anti-Trump governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson just made the catastrophic decision to veto a bill that would protect minors from receiving chemical castration treatments.


Luckily the Arkansas legislature blocked Hutchinson from carrying out this atrocity, but to make matters even worse, he just got on Tucker Carlson’s show and actually vehemently defended his decision, citing that he believes in “small government.”

Of course, Tucker absolutely wiped the floor up with this guy, destroying his argument from every angle.

Watch the video:

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Here’s some more info on both the interview with Tucker and the bill Hutchinson vetoed:

From National Review

Hutchinson, whose veto was overridden by the Arkansas General Assembly on Tuesday, attempted to argue that the bill — the first of its kind to be passed in the country — is “over broad” and “extreme” in scope and does nothing to address the “maybe less than 200 kids in Arkansas that are currently on hormone treatment.” He added that “if this had been a bill that simply prohibited ‘chemical castration,’ I would have signed the bill.”

The Arkansas governor, who is barred by term limits from seeking reelection in 2022, centered his argument around the state interfering in private medical decisions.

“Let me emphasize, Tucker. You are a conservative, you have a great background in that. Where are we getting back to the limited role of government, that we don’t have to invoke ourselves in every societal position out there. Let’s limit the role of government, let’s let parents and doctors make decisions,” Hutchinson said.

Carlson, who also grilled South Dakota governor Kristi Noem over her decision to veto a similar bill last month, pushed back. “Then why don’t we allow 18-year-olds to drink beer in Arkansas? Why don’t we allow them to get tattoos? Why don’t we allow 15-year-olds to get married?”

“You vetoed a bill that would’ve protected children — not adults, children, to whom a different standard applies — from a life-altering, permanent procedure,” he continued. “ . . . They’re not old enough to have sex but they’re old enough to be chemically castrated? How does that work exactly?”

Hutchinson responded by explaining that his “reasoned” rationale was an attempt “to broaden the party” and “to get back to the principles.”


This man is exactly what’s wrong with the GOP…

When it comes to standing up for their principals, these Rinos cave and desperately try to adopt these “progressive” policies and it’s hurting the party beyond measure.

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