[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson Reveals "Snake" Lindsey Graham Sabotaged Trump and is Behind Latest Dem "Hit Piece"

Conservatives are a kind and forgiving bunch. When someone who has attacked President Trump has a change of heart and decides to back him, we’re very forgiving and usually accept the people back with open arms.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but some nefarious people might take advantage of that kindness is crafty and nasty ways.

And according to Tucker, Lindsey Graham is one of those very people.

During last night’s show, Tucker revealed that it was Lindsey Graham who urged President Trump to meet with Democrat “journalist” Bob Woodward. He’s the man who leaked the tape recordings of his interviews with Trump, which resulted in the latest Dem “hit piece” against Trump.

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Woodward is claiming that Trump knew how dangerous COVID was, but “hid it” from the American people. It’s a stupid “hit piece,” because Trump has made it clear all along that he was trying not to panic the country, which is the job of a good leader. This is what presidents are supposed to do.

Nevertheless, Tucker believes that Lindsey led Trump down a doomed path…on purpose.

Tucker Carlson said that Senator Graham reportedly sat in on the first interview between Woodward and the president.

“Tucker Going Off On America Last Snake Lindsey Graham “Keep in mind Lindsey Graham has passionately opposed virtually every major policy initiative that @realDonaldTrump articulated when he first ran.” Tucker also reveals it was Senator Graham who brokered Bob Woodward meeting.”

You can watch the video below:

Dr. Fauci was quick to come out and. defend President Trump, saying that President Trump told the public the “reality” of what was going on and he never saw the president trying to “hide” or “distort” anything.

You can watch the video below:

People’s actions speak a lot louder than their words.

Keep in mind that Lindsey has done NOTHING to expose #SpyGate or Hunter Biden’s Ukraine scam, even though he has the power to do so in the Senate.

Lindsey is all talk and no action. Why?


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